I have been the Student Activities Council Coordinator for the DMACC- Boone campus for 11 years and I have had Hawk McIntyre on campus every year to perform since he has been big enough to carry his guitar! He is a tremendous talent and has grown as an artist every year. He plays and sings a wide variety of music and the DMACC students, faculty and staff are eager to see and hear him every semester.

He is very low maintenance and his family (roadcrew) is very self sufficient.

Steve K. - DMACC   

"A1Ate has really enjoyed every moment Hawk has played. The customers love him and always ask when he'll be back! He plays such a variety of music to meet everybody style. We love having him"

Bethany W. - Owner of A1Ate Cafe   

I was the owner of Charlie Yoke's in Ames ( former People's ). We had the likes of Brad Morgan, Neil Hewitt, Granger Smith and Jarrod Niemann play at Yoke's and I can tell you Hawk McIntyre is right up there with these guys...A bright future for this talented guy.

Michael R.- Owner-Charlie Yoke's & Burger Daddy   

Hawk performed for us at the Ames Main Street Farmers' Market. He is a very dynamic and talented performer! His voice is outstanding and has a great stage presence. We were very pleased with his performance for us. The Ames Main Street Farmers' Market would highly recommend him to be considered for your event!

Lojean - Ames Main Street Farmers' Market Manager   

We had the great pleasure of hiring Hawk McIntyre from start to finish for our company holiday party. His appeal to all ages is incredible! He played 50s- present day, country, pop, and rock. We were all impressed and would have paid him to play all night if we could! Not to mention he's only a Sophomore in highschool and has the ability to connect with song and audience for an experience you can't forget! I can't wait to catch another show and ditch the co-workers to really kick back and enjoy it with my friends again, and again!

- Courtney G. - Company Party   

I do not write reviews often. I have been in and around the Bar Industry for over 20 years and have been involved with musicians over that course of time. From time to time there comes along an artist and my brain immediately says “This artist has what it takes!” That is the case with Hawk!
I have had the pleasure of having Hawk play at my establishment. Hawk is an amazing young man and talent. His ability to make cover songs his own and cross over between genres of music makes him a must have for any establishment. Whether the crowd is young or old, country-rock-blues or something else, Hawk will strike a nerve with each!

Will - Cabaret Ankeny   

I have heard Hawk play two times. He is really good. I heard him at the Firehouse Bar and Grill a few months back. I am the President of the Pine Lake Country Club and after I heard him play, we booked him for our Halloween party. He was a huge hit. We had over 110 people in attendance and they loved the performance. Some on attendance came because Hawk was playing. Hawk has a great voice and plays a mean guitar. He plays a nice variety of music. We have re- booked him. He played in Radcliffe for RAGBRAI and was well received. He is also a nice young man and his dad/ manager is too.

Rick D. - President of the Pine Lake Country Club   

I first met Hawk McIntyre on a 2015 summer day in Clear Lake, Iowa at a local restaurant. We were eating lunch and Hawk began to play, at the time there were only 20 or so people eating on the patio. As soon as Hawk began to play the entire lunch crowd was captivated by this young man singing and playing his guitar. I leaned over and said to my wife, "we need to get this guy for our Company Christmas party." After 4 great songs, Hawk put his Guitar away, I made my way over to speak with a guy he was with that was helping out and I asked why he stopped playing. He informed me Hawk was only getting set up for the show tonight and they were testing their sound. I was blown away! I asked how old he was and he said he's my son he's 15 years old, I was blown away again! I asked if Hawk would play a couple more songs for the small lunch group that was there. Within in a couple of minutes Hawk was playing again. Since that first meeting we have had Hawk down to Ankeny to play our Company Christmas Party and look forward to him playing for us at other events. He is a great talent but I was even more impressed how humble Hawk was.

- Joshua - Company Party   

Hawk McIntyre has headlined at our venue a number of times, bringing in a great crowd, appealing to all walks of life, and always leaving his listeners wanting more! His outstanding musicianship and seasoned vocal ability gives him a diverse repertoire of music; contemporary pop to classic rock, Hawk manages to do it all! Though still a teen, Hawk's vocal quality is that of a stage professional with decades of experience behind him. He has performed at many local establishments, large and small private venues, and goes out of his way to contribute his talents to many church, civic, and promotional events for the greater good of the local and surrounding communities. I would recommend his show, his talents and his character to anyone. We are proud to be a Hawk fan!

Carol C. -The Lucky Pig Pub & Grill   


We would like to thank you for the great performances you put on for the town of Radcliffe. Everyone from young to old enjoyed the variety of songs you sang on Friday night of our town festival. Then you turned around and came back 4 days later to play for RAGBRAI riders as they came through our town. We can’t believe how many riders just sat around in the park listening to you. We received so many comments about how great you were and we appreciate you staying for another hour to play. We look forward to next summer when you come and play our summer festival again.

Thanks again for your amazing performance!!

Mindi M. - Radcliffe Improvement Committee President   

I know I said this multiple times last night but I am still hearing SO MANY positive things about the awesome job Hawk did last night! So many people told me that it was by far the best music we’ve ever had and you guys were great to work with! I’m sure when Hawk makes it big, all of our employees will remember even MORE fondly the Christmas party of 2017. 😊